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Mahan shemsh Corporation

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Public relations of Pars Paydar Energy

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Central office address:

First apartment unit, Apartment number: 82, 28 west avenue, Saadat Abad town, Tehran Capital

021-44974401     021-44976424

Fax: 43855177

Pars Paydar Energy presents its services and products in Iran and other countries in context of Production, Engineering, Designing and Petroleum, Gas, Petrochemical industries counselling, Powerhouse and etc.

These products and services would be presented with relying on experience, fame, profession and ability of clerks, financial credit and up to date technical knowledge, in regulation of giving services to develop country and technical knowledge issuance.

Pars Paydar Energy’s organizing in order to present efficient products and services, better quality attainment, total quality management implementation and drawing customers’ attention, Innovation creation and counseling with politicians and trustees of saving energy in order to prevent wasted energy that has done.

This organization with relying on ability and engineering of specialists and with creating a mighty and developing collection in industries, meanwhile presenting products and services on time of clients need, it has constituted perfect goal coincident to needs of country’s industries. Although, it’s always as a pioneer organization in direction of Technology, Self-sufficiency and Building localization of our dear Iran with using latest software and hardware technology.